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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 89

Another month, another issue of Megami. We’re to the part of the year that can’t quite decide whether it’s summer or fall, and the posters this time seem equally confused (why don’t they just have Konata baking sweet potatoes by the fire in her school swimsuit?), but what may be lacking in poster content is made up for by a nice Itou Noiji pencilboard and a POP-illustrated Moetan “picture story”. Read on for the nitty gritty:

Figure News: Goodsmile presents Nendoroid Plus vol. 1 Deka Necoarc, on sale tomorrow

Goodsmile has unveiled the first in their lineup of Nendoroid Plus vinyl figures, Deka Necoarc. It’s a super-sized remake of the first Nendoroid ever produced, based on the SD catgirl version of Arcueid who coaches players through the bad ends of Tsukihime, and will be available for purchase tomorrow via Goodsmile’s official online shop as well as at the inaugural iteration of Hobby Complex, a new garage kit and figure convention taking place in Kobe. It’s unknown whether the figure will see a general release beyond these two outlets, so those interested are advised to man their proxy services. She clocks in at 25 cm in height (non scale) and 6,000 yen retail, with further information available at Goodsmile’s official blog. I think it’s safe to say that this is FUCKIN’ GOOD NA FIGURE! (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Toy’sworks’ Crimson Grave Mirim PVC up for preorder

News in from Amiami last night that Toy’sworks’ Crimson Grave Mirim PVC figure is now available for preorder! This is an item we’ve been tracking since mid-April due to the myriad of fetish gimmicks in play (castoffable, plushily-chested, tentacley), but unlike other similarly gimmicky figures this one actually seems like a decent sculpt. The Amiami listing confirms her scheduled December release at 6,800 yen retail, 1/8 scale and 19 cm tall (tentacles not included). (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: world’s first “chest enhanced” Purichichi dakimakura hug pillow up for preorder

Back on May 30th history was made with the announcement of production plans for the world’s first* contoured hug pillow. The maiden release of Toranoana’s “Purichichi” pillow line features an original illustration by Sano Toshihide of Shiratori Amane, heroine of the recently released G.J? eroge Anata no Shiranai Kangofu, and as such I’ve had more than a journalistic stake in following this particular item. After refreshing Toranoana’s mail order page nearly every day for the past few weeks since the news broke that it was set for sale in September, last night the vigil finally paid off: she’s now listed at both Toranoana and Amiami. Whether any shops that ship internationally will carry the item is unknown; I think it’s possible that Hobby Search might, we’ll keep you posted. According to the latest information from the Tora product listing she’s expected to street in early November, at a whopping 170 cm in length and a price point of 9,450 yen (without pillow). The raging Sano fanboy within me is quite sated by this development, but I can’t help being a bit curious as to what they have planned for the second installment… (no more)