Earlier this year we followed the saga of Bemani’s Iroha, a Beatmania-themed figure Konami promised to produce if they got 2,500 preorders for it by an assigned cutoff date. Despite the rather questionable attributes of the figure itself it managed to clear the preorder benchmark with time to spare, and Iroha is now well on her way to an October 26th street date. With one confirmed success in the lineup enter Iroha’s successor, Lilina. While the prospect of a second “candy bunny” doesn’t do much for me personally Konami is betting that she’ll push just the right buttons in another 2,500 fans to trigger her production; with October 8th set as the day of reckoning they’ve got just over a month to prove her worth. Should all go as planned she’s slated to street on February 22nd of next year at 1/8 scale (12 cm tall) and 4,700 yen retail. (no more)