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[ERO] Figure News: Toy’sworks’ Shana (nekomimi and himitsu vers.) unveiled

We first spotted them back in July, but there’s been nary an official peep about these figures until today – Toy’sworks has just updated their site with publicity images for Shana (nekomimi ver.) and Shana (himitsu ver.) PVC figures from Shakugan no Shana. Both are due out in December at 1/8 scale (19.5 cm from head to toe) and 5,800 yen retail; there’s no official work on castoffability but it seems to be a foregone conclusion in this case. :3 Now that they’re up on the official site preorders should be following soon… Pictures below:

Anime News: original Macross TV series and Do You Remember Love to see 25th anniversary remaster

Animeanime reports today that as part of the Macross 25th anniversary renewal that is also producing the new Macross F TV series, the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross and subsequent film Do You Remember Love? are to be rereleased in “high definition remastered” DVD editions in the next several months. The special edition of Do You Remember Love is coming first on December 21st of this year, at 10,980 yen with two discs of supplementary material beyond the actual film; the standard DYRL release comes out on the same day at 7,140 yen. The TV series will be released in a box set on February 22nd 2008, at 39,900 yen and includes 60 minutes of extra material. Now if only they’d announce English subtitles on these… (no more)

New Site Poll: how do you access HD?

It’s quasi-monthly poll time, and as the topic says the question is simple: how do you access the content of this site? Are you old fashioned like me, stubbornly refusing to use a feed reader or aggregator and relying instead on the magic of F5? Or do you glory in the brave new world of content serialization? Or perhaps you are like the customer in Monty Python’s bookshop sketch? Inquiring minds want to know… (no more)

Game News: Nitro+ Royale -Heroines Duel- set for release on September 28th

First scooped back on May 29th and initially released at Comiket 72, word is in from the wizards at Nitro+ that their doujin-style fighter Nitro+ Royale -Heroines Duel- is set for individual package release on September 28th. Those who held off on the 6,000 yen Comiket set can now rejoice at the rather more reasonable 2,940 yen price point; though early reviews have been mixed, any game where you get to fight as Ignis and hear the voice of Tamura Yukari is good by me. :3 (no more)