We first reported on the yandere boom back in May with information on the second doujin event devoted exclusively to these most bipolar of heroines. Word is in today from Akiba Blog that they’ve reached enough critical mass to receive their own installment in the “taizen” series of heroine encyclopedias (previous entries include Tsundere Taizen, Maid-san Taizen, and Imouto Game Taizen), with Yandere Taizen now on store shelves. Given the current airing of the School Days anime this couldn’t be a timelier release, and the book naturally features Sekai and Kotonoha along with Shuffle!‘s Kaede, Sakura from Fate / stay night, and other less prominent homicidal heroines. Given the inherently destructive nature of the yandere personality I’m curious to see the extent to which this particular meme will spread… will we get the yandere equivalent of Tsuyokiss, a game where your goal is to survive the jealous love of a bloodthirsty gang of bishoujo? (no more)