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Figure News: WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR Wholesaler & Retailers event roundup

The official Goodsmile blog has posted a two part ([1] [2]) report on the August 21st private event held to brief the people that matter (wholesalers and retailers) on the new products of ten PVC figure makers, away from the prying eyes of the sweatily jostling fannish masses. Most of the information is not new (aside from the inevitable PVCification of Orchid Seed’s Fiine), but for the fans of absurdly chested [ERO] figures it is instructive to note the pliable bosoms of Daiki Kougyou‘s production model Vispo sculpted Kotoyoshi Yumisuke designed Sanae. …it’s rather hard to follow that up with anything, isn’t it. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: world’s first combination dating sim / SimCity game unveiled

First a fishing simulation, and now SimCity? An official site opened yesterday for Batsu Batsu na Kanojo no Tsukurikata (××な彼女のつくりかた), the newest title from eroge maker Kiss. Announced originally in the October ’07 issue of Tech Gian (released August 21st), in addition to traditional dating sim elements the game features a “city development system” superficially quite similar to that of the SimCity series of games; however instead of maximizing the happiness of your citizens or creating a bustling economy the goal here seems to be to socially engineer prime dating spots where you’re then able to court the game’s heroines – amusement parks, restaurants, and “adult goods” shops take precedence over factories and business sectors. The extent to which city development extends beyond a mere gimmick into actual strategic play is unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this as further information comes along. Screenshot scan below:

[ERO] Game News: August 24th release roundup

Leading the pack this Friday (in my biased opinion) is G.J?’s Sano Toshihide designed Anata no Shiranai Kangofu, the tale of … who cares, it’s Sano Toshihide. :3 Also out this weekend are Loversoul’s Step by Steady, DualMage’s Syokusyulien, Pajama Soft’s Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita, Moonstone’s Clear, Rune’s Purely, and Sugar Beans’ otome game Under the Moon ~Tsukiiro Ehon~. Lilith’s Uchuu Kaizoku Sara will be available for purchase via download tomorrow as well. Games delayed from their originally scheduled August 24 release include Black Cyc’s Gun Katana (now scheduled for August 31st) and 13cm’s Shimai Tsuma 3. As a final note, a playable demo for Illusion‘s Jinkou Shoujo 3 will be available for download tomorrow to members of the Illusion email fanclub; I’ll try to post impressions over the weekend. (no more)

Goods News: Zero no Tsukaima Louise (ver. 2) dakimakura coming from Chara-Ani

The Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute reports that anime goods maker and online shop Chara-Ani put up a listing yesterday for a new hug pillow (case only) depicting the feisty heroine of Zero no Tsukaima, Louise. It’s available for preorder from now through November 30th (which may be a typo as the sales date is listed as November 23rd) and retails for 8,000 yen, a nice price for a double-sided pillowcase of standard 150×50 cm dimensions. Good news for the Louise fans indeed. Pictures below:

Editor’s Desk: against the cult of personality

Sometimes a fellow needs to let off a little steam, and this post is it. What follows is a semi-coherent rant against what I see as a pox on today’s Japanese 2D culture: the blight of entertainers selling their personal attributes over the art they pretend to represent, and the following that such pretenders breed in their wake.

Goods News: drop Excalibur, Saber, and pick up that axe

Getchu has a listing online as of yesterday evening for a ZO-3 Fate/stay night SABER MODEL, a custom Fernandes electric guitar produced by the Rights-GT-Project. While I’m not a guitar expert the retail price of 45,000 yen (approx. USD $390) makes me think this is more a gimmick than a serious professional instrument (it comes with a telephone card, for crying out loud); still, a pretty classy statement for an ota-kei cover band or YouTube would-be god of ROCK. Saber’s axe thrashes its way to your door on January 31st, 2008, with preorders open through October 9th. (no more)