Saturday evening’s Macross 25th anniversary memorial concert was the stage for the announcement of the new official (yet still provisional) title of this fall’s upcoming Macross TV series, now dubbed Macross F (with the “F” for “frontier”). It also brought the news that heretofore unknown songstress Nakajima Megumi won the utahime talent selection grand prix and will star as the show’s heroine, Ranka Lee (guess as to the romanization of ランカ・リー). The staff list was also padded out, with Kawamori Shouji confirmed as helming the project’s original work, general management, story production and mechanical design. It will be directed by Kikuchi Yasuhito, who also directed Black Heaven / Kacho Ouji (HELL YES) with series organization from Yoshino Hiroyuki and character designs by Ebata Risa (!!) and Takahashi Yuuichi. Anime production is from Satelight. Any show that features Macross mechs, Black Heaven direction and [ERO] Hitozuma Kasumi-san designs has a fair chance of kicking my ass in the best way possible, so we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on it as it develops. :3 (no more)