A page went up last Thursday for an (all ages?) adventure game entitled Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma. It’s apparently being produced in conjunction with the second season of Genshiken, set to air in October; the relationship between the two is at this point unknown, as the game was never mentioned in the original manga; my initial speculation is that it’s not much more than an attempt to leverage the popularity of the Genshiken brand to make a quick buck on an unrelated property (*cough*Kujian TV*cough*) the game is mentioned on page 130 of Genshiken vol. 3 as being the first eroge Sasahara ever played [source]. I wonder if this means it’ll be 18+ after all? Designs are from veteran CG artist Amano Yo~ki, who’s been around for long enough that he certainly could’ve designed Sasahara’s first game… we’ll be keeping a close eye on this and relay further information as it comes to light. (no more)