We wrap up our coverage of Wonder Festival 2007 Summer today (other than the trip report, which may end up coming next week) with a quick look at some of the other PVC releases that we’ll be looking forward to over the coming months. Wondering about that second Musubi from Movic, or what Bome’s next release will be? How about that bizarre new Max Factory Polo System kit? We’ve got you covered.

Kaiyodo's next Bome PVC offering Kaiyodo's next Bome PVC offering

Kaiyodo’s next Bome PVC offering (#026) is called “Akira”, to the best of my knowledge an original character. This is the first Bome design I’ve been interested in for awhile, so we’ll be tracking this as more information emerges.

Kaiyodo's Fuuka PVC from Yotsubato! Kaiyodo's Fuuka PVC from Yotsubato!
Photography Credit: Shipon

Fuuka from Yotsubato! is coming from Kaiyodo in November! Just the right scale to go with the Revoltech Yotsuba. :3 Yotsuba’s robotic nemesis Danbo will be coming out in Revoltech form as well, in December.

Movic's Yamashita Shunya designed Cocona PVC

It may be the fact it was a resin prototype on display, but Movic’s Cocona was looking pretty fine at the event. We can expect to see her street in October.

Hobby Stock special Hobby Stock special

Hobby Stock is producing an alternate color version of Solid Theater’s Synthetic Garden designed Himomizugi (string swimsuit) no Onna no Ko, the third in Solid Theater’s Onna no Ko series and due out in January (following Maid girl and Kimono girl). The fourth in the series will be dubbed “kemono no mimi (animal ear) no onna no ko” but we have no idea what it will look like as of yet. I’m tempted to copy Hobby Channel’s photo just because of that garishly huge watermark…

Hobby Stock will also be producing a kit based on the character of Tsuzuri from Terios’s Lycoris Radiata. It’s apparently going to be castoffable, if the poster illustration is anything to go by… we’ll be keeping an eye on this as things develop.

Megahouse's Tsukasa Jun designed Holstein Hanako-san Megahouse's Tsukasa Jun designed Holstein Hanako-san

It doesn’t show up too well in these photos, but from viewing the prototype of Megahouse’s upcoming Holstein Hanako-san it seems evident that her upper half is castoffable. Whether this is just for the prototype or will be retained for the final version as well is unknown, but it brings hope… :3

Movic's Musubi (ver. 2) PVC figure from Sekirei the Movic Sekirei display at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer

The design for Movic’s second Sekirei Musubi PVC has been unveiled, and she’s looking great! Given the placement of the tape it seems evident that she’ll be just as castoffable as her earlier incarnation. We’ll be keeping an eye on this and relay any preorder information when it comes along. :3

The next Max Factory Polo System kit

Intrigued by this offering from Max Factory I thought I’d do a bit more research. The kit is dubbed Kousoku Emuko (literally “restrained M girl” … great naming sense there), designed by Akiman, with further details at Moeyo – apparently she’s the first installment in a new lineup dubbed “MAX Creator’s Collection” and is sculpted by Hamasaki Tsuyoshi, the same as Max’s recently released Shiranui Mai. The “Creator’s Collection” is to contain figures designed by famous creators and sculpted by “shrewd sculptors”, with the second installment scheduled to have Oku Hiroya of Gantz fame on design duty. M-ko, by the way, is part of Max’s “Polo System” lineup, meaning she’s at least to some degree castoffable. ^^;;

And that’s a wrap! This post more or less officially ends our news coverage of Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, though there will likely be a subsequent fleshing out of the main event post with details of what happened last weekend (aside from massive amounts of photography). We tried a lot of new things in covering this event, some of which worked alright and others which could use a lot of improvement; we’ll be refocusing and honing our skills for future events, so stay tuned! And don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see. :3