As the post title says, you’ll notice a few tweaks in the sidebar over the past couple of days. Firstly we’ve got a new poll, asking a very straightforward question: Among the big summer otaku events in Japan, which gets you revved up the most? Comic Market (doujinshi, cosplay), Wonder Festival (garage kits, figures, cosplay), Chara Hobby (Gundam, toys, figures), and the Tokyo Game Show (games, cosplay, September is really part of summer in Japan for reals) are the four contenders. A glance at the sidebar will also reveal the presence of a couple of blog feeds we’ve decided to feature here, from EvoSpace over at Akihabara Channel and Zepy at Canned Dogs, two of the best Japan subculture news blogs RSSing today. We hope you’ll favor them with your patronage! Results of the previous poll can be found below:

The results of the moe poll are in! According to 657 members of the HD voting readership, moe is:

  • Affection – 29% (191 Votes)
  • Passion – 18% (117 Votes)
  • Happiness – 12% (81 Votes)
  • Lust – 12% (81 Votes)
  • Yearning – 11% (69 Votes)
  • Nurture – 6% (37 Votes)
  • Admiration – 5% (30 Votes)
  • Tranquility – 3% (21 Votes)
  • Possession – 2% (16 Votes)
  • Nostalgia – 2% (14 Votes)

For a poll bound by an arbitrary selection of emotional modes I think these results are pretty interesting. With “love” deliberately left off the table as the obvious choice its synonym “affection” easily tops the charts, but the lack of majority consensus indicates the many subtleties of interpretation the term connotes. This is to me evidence of the highly personal meaning that individual fans craft for the word, adopting it to suit their own particular view of their relationship with characters they admire.

I picked “passion”, by the way, as I tend to view subjects of moe (萌え) with moetic (燃え) zeal… that said, I feel a wide variety of emotions based on what the moe artist is trying to evoke, and as such I think it’s impossible for one word to encompass the term’s entire meaning.