Two significant developments today in the saga of the world’s first “Purichichi” contoured hug pillow (earlier reports here and here): first, Hobby Channel scoops the finished product with additional release information and production details. The pillowcase is scheduled to retail from Toranoana in September at 9,450 yen (or 15,750 yen in a set with accompanying pillow), and is a whopping 60×170 cm in size – significantly larger than the average 50 x 150 cm dakimakura pillowcase. The price for the pillowcase alone is surprisingly reasonable (when compared to similar items), though it does only have a single illustration; on the other hand 6,300 yen for a pillow seems like a huge ripoff, though that may be due to the non-standard size… The second related scoop comes from eroge maker G.J? and illustrator Sano Toshihide, who’s character art adorns said pillowcase: the official Anata no Shiranai Kangofu page was updated yesterday with several bits of new material, including a site-exclusive decent resolution shot of the pillowcase cover featuring the game’s heroine, Shiratori Amane. The lack of a preorder listing on the Toranoana mail order site is giving me the jitters; I’m worried that I’ll blink and miss it and it’ll be lost to the wilds of overpriced Yahoo auctions for ever. Needless to say we’ll be providing further updates on this as they appear. (no more)