News in from Goodsmile’s Chara Hobby event listing today that they’ll be offering an Amaizumimoriamekoyorino Mikoto (say that three times fast) [ERO] hug pillow for preorder at the event. She’s one of the heroines of rookie eroge maker Clochette‘s upcoming maiden release Kamipani!, and typically goes by the much shorter nickname Koyori; while I don’t see much of note in their choice of subjects it’s interesting to see Goodsmile branching further out into the non-figure goods arena, and we’ll be keeping an eye on any similar future developments. Pillow pictures below:

Goodsmile's [ERO] Kamipani! Koyori hug pillow Goodsmile's [ERO] Kamipani! Koyori hug pillow

Note: Chara Hobby is Bandai’s equivalent of Wonder Festival. It focuses mainly on Bandai IP derivative products (largely absent from Wanfesu) and usually conflicts temporally with other events (it’s on the same weekend as Comiket this year), so we tend not to cover in person; we’ll cover as much of the bishoujo figure fallout as we can, of course, and we’ll provide links to other relevant resources as they appear online.