While I’ll admit to playing Illusion’s more recent polygon-based titles as something of a guilty pleasure, it was Jinkou Shoujo 2 back in the fall of 2004 that really impressed me with the potential of the medium. I’ve been waiting and hoping for a sequel since then, and word comes this evening that the the maker has finally pulled through: a demo movie described as being for their “newest title” is now available for download from Illusion’s official site, and shows two of the game’s (presumed) voice actresses walking the character through her customization stage. Unlike its predecessor the new game has many more customizable parameters, seeming to approach the level of flexibility of the Oblivion character generator. Needless to say this has me pretty darn excited… :3 I just hope they’ve fleshed out the AI and range of scenarios along with the character customization module. The tiny icon embedded in the game’s logo makes me hope that you’ll finally escape from the desert island of the second game and be able to engage in more regular daily life activities with your custom-made girlfriend… those looking for some bad writing can check out a review I did of the earlier game nearly three years ago, and there’s a screenshot from the new demo below:

a development screenshot from Illusion's upcoming Jinkou Shoujo 3 eroge

tanoshimi da wa~