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Bishoujo Goods News: Hobby Stock original Witchblade Masane x Shiori hug pillow up for preorder

Japanese figure and characters goods shop Hobby Stock has just put up a preorder page for an exclusive “transcendently sexy” hug pillow featuring the characters Masane and Shiori from the Witchblade TV anime. Both illustrations are original work commissioned from Kaneko Hiraku, creator of Queen’s Blade character Cattleya and elusive head animator of G-on Riders as well as episodes of Aquarian Age, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Shakugan no Shana, Witchblade itself, and the most memorable scene from Godannar ever (in my humble opinion). Needless to say I preordered this on sight… ^^;; Those with similar proclivities outside Japan may have to resort to a proxy service, as this appears to be an item limited to sale via Hobby Stock only. Pictures below:

Figure Review: Orchid Seed’s Amaloli Ryomou Shimei PVC from Ikkitousen

It’s hard to articulate what drew me to this version of Orchid’s Ryomou over the original gosurori version; I typically don’t go for alternate colors, so in this case part of the appeal may have been the simple unavailability of the earlier kit. Regardless, I’d say this repaint is at least on par with the original (though I doubt Ryomou would be caught dead in pink if she had a choice in the matter). Wondering what’s under those frills? Read on!

Figure News: Wave announces Kusanagi Motoko, Takaya Noriko, Nyuu and Nana PVCs

Wave updated their official site today with new listings for several PVC figures due out over this coming fall and winter. First up is a 1/10 scale Takaya Noriko, heroine of the original Gunbuster, who is being sculpted by Ogawa Youzou and will retail in November at an as-yet undisclosed price. A 1/10 scale Kusanagi “the Major” Motoko from sculptor Matsuura Ken (more well known for his Fist of the North Star figures) will be coming “this winter”, and a (Wave site preorder limited) pair of 1/8 scale Elfen Lied girls Nyuu and Nana are coming from sculptor Misumaru Mashii in January of 2008. The Noriko looks quite tempting, especially if they price her around 4,000 yen or less; despite my devotion to the Major I have trouble seeing what audience they’re targeting with that rendtion of her at that price point. It’s a pity they’re not releasing the Elfen girls to a general audience, I’m liking the look of the badass alternate Nyuu face. ;_; (no more)