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Editor’s Desk: Lost my Music

I went down to Akihabara over the weekend for the first time in almost three months. The purpose: to obtain a catalog for Comiket 72, to hang out with a couple of doujin pals, and to meet up with EvoSpace of Beast’s Lair and Akiba Channel. Despite the sweltering heat all three objectives met with success. Trip report follows, along with some belated notes on AX and some not so belated ones on Satsuriku no Jango:

Figure Review: Aizu Project’s Shiranui Mai cold cast from King of Fighters (Fatal Fury)

When this kit first came up for preorder I wasn’t intending to pick it up. Really. Cold casts are expensive, and the paint job often doesn’t measure up to PVCs, and I’m not a huge fan of Shiranui Mai as a character… but the desire to support sculptor Shiragami Takayuki and see his other works mass produced in the future changed my mind. I’m still not convinced it was worth the price, but along with some glaring flaws this kit has strong points that make it worth a closer look.