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Figure News: Goodsmile presents Iori Minase and Onegai Onsen, Movic lists Tsukiumi and Matsu

Goodsmile has just uploaded pages for a November release Iori Minase figure from Idol Master Xenoglossia, along with the earlier scooped Max Factory ero-ero Onegai Onsen trading figures from Onegai Teacher / Twins due out in December. Movic also updated earlier this morning with preorder pages for their Sekirei Tsukiumi (October release) and Matsu (November release) PVC figures. Time to man the preorder lookout posts… Edit: Movic’s listings mention that this second round of Sekirei figures will include a new version of Musubi as well, rounding out the trio. Tanoshimi da wa~ (no more)

Magazine Review: Comp H’s (Comp Heroines) vol. 5 – UPDATED

Volume five of Comp H’s magazine is
on sale today! Though not yet listed on the on Comptiq’s official site, we’re here with the scoop on what looks to be another clear win for the Lucky Star fans. See inside for Shiraishi Minoru gosurori cosplay, a Konata mask, an Akira cell phone strap, a loooooong park bench, and more posters than can be counted on the figures of two regularly endowed human hands. Edit: Updated with shots of the Lucky Star Nico Douga parody and the AX Haruhi concert report!