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HDTV Episode 04: Sunday in Akihabara

Shipon returns today with episode four of HDTV, for a look at just what happens in Akihabara on a fine Sunday morning in spring after the streets are blocked off and throngs of shoppers are allowed to freely mingle with maids, policemen, salesclerks, street musicians, panhandlers, and cosplayers of every description.

Figure News: Wonder Festival ’07 Summer Goodsmile, Max Factory lineup confirmed

We initially reported on the Wonder Festival offerings from Goodsmile a few days ago, and this evening their special event page was fleshed out with more pictures, details on item availability, and the identity of the item formerly listed as secret (WE CALLED IT!!). Already having the Shiranui Mai on preorder I have to admit the thing that has my attention the most right now is the plush Saber… she’s just too. Damn. CUTE. ;_; The majority of the items on display here will subsequently be available via the Goodsmile online shop; whether other shops will also be supported is unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this. (no more)

Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Wonder Festival event limited Ignis the White unveiled

I’ve been trying to wait for substantial chunks of Wonder Festival news to appear before grouping them together into a post, but this one is so phenomenal it deserves immediate scoopage: Orchid Seed has just unveiled the limited edition of their Ignis the White PVC figure set for sale at the event, and boy is it a jaw-dropper. The phrase “alternate color version” doesn’t do this justice… if anything I’m even more tempted by this blood-red and black incarnation than by the original. There will be 200 units available at the event, but even at the rather steep price of 11,700 yen I’m expecting they’ll be gone within the first half-hour… ;_; Orchid’s gallery is reproduced below:

Figure News: Code Geass resin kit green lighted for Wonder Festival, Bandai figure monopoly cracks

Hatsumi of sculpting circle 83℃ posted on his blog a few weeks ago to the effect that his C.C. resin kit had been given the OK for sale at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer. This is significant not only because it’s looking like a really nice kit, but also because it indicates a shift in Bandai policy toward figures based on its intellectual property. More below: