The paper version of the Comic Market 72 catalog went on sale yesterday, and Zepy over at Canned Dogs relays the scoop from its innards: Comiket 73 will run from December 29th through the 31st, 2007. This is the second consecutive three-day winter Comiket, and the second with the third day on New Year’s Eve day. In Japanese culture this is roughly the equivalent of Christmas Eve day in the United States, creating the awkward situation of having to figure out where you’re going to stash your [ERO] day-three loot before going home for the holidays… For those such as myself who lend no particular significance to the Japanese new year this is splendid news, as it seems this will finally be the first Comiket I manage to apply to as a circle, and having the third day increases the chances of the lottery coming up favorably. :3 Going to be at fuyukomi this year? Drop us a line! (no more)