Akiba Blog presents an update today on the story of Toranoana’s quest to produce the world’s first hug pillow with naughty bits attached. Based on designs of the illustrious Sano Toshihide from G.J?’s upcoming Anata no Shiranai Kangofu eroge, this revolution in otaku paraphernalia will likely not be televised but is still scheduled to go on sale “this summer” at an undisclosed price.

In other amply bosomed pillow news, word is in today from Codepink that all preorders of their upcoming Sweet Home eroge recived before September 30th will come with a 60 x 40 cm “kyonyuu pillowcase“. While rather more two dimensional than Tora’s offering, this is quite a nice incentive to pick up what’s already promising to be another quality title from the maker of Sexfriend and Maid in Heaven SuperS. Viva la revolution! (no more)