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Figure News: Shuraki vol. 2 Liu Meifeng available for preorder at midnight tonight

Liu Meifeng, the second installment in Goodsmile / Red Entertainment‘s Shuraki series of media mix figures, will be made available for preorder starting at 00:00 on July 20th (Tokyo standard time) according to the series’ official site. Meifeng was designed by Kiba Satoshi, sculpted by Kawara Takayuki (Amiami search) and is voiced by Iizuka Mayumi on the accompanying drama CD; while the hype for her release hasn’t reached the fever pitch that accompanied Mishiro Akatsuki‘s preorder blitz a month ago, odds are good that Meifeng will sell out in preorder relatively quickly so those interested should be on their toes. A list of participating vendors can be found here, including HLJ and Hobby Search. (no more)

Anime News: Code Geass season two confirmed (maybe)

Via Misu: Random Curiosity reported yesterday that the latest issue of TVstation magazine states in passing that a second season of Geass will be airing beginning this October. Omni cautions in his post that this mention shouldn’t be construed as final absolute proof of what most of us have taken on faith for awhile now, and I agree, but it’s nice to see that if we’re wrong there will be egg on the face of a major Japanese magazine, too. Visual evidence of the listing can be found in a photograph linked at the bottom of the Random Curiosity post. (no more)

Figure News: Battle Angel Alita action figure to be included with Gunnm side story volume set for release this fall

Ultra Jump, the manga serial in which Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) Last Order is currently running, announced on their website today plans to produce a special edition Gunnm Gaiden (“side stories”) manga volume complete with Masaki Apsy-sculpted Gally (Alita) action figure. Price, release date, and preorder availability have not yet been announced, but as a fan of action figures of characters that move like action figures (with a special weakness for kickass female cyborgs) this is an item I’ll be watching very, very closely. Pictures below:

Figure News: Max Factory announces a PVC version of Sakaki Mizuki from Lovedol

A post on Max Factory’s staff blog today announces the production of a Sakaki Mizuki figure based on the Nishimata Aoi-designed character from Avex / Magikyuu’s Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol. The sculpt is by Tokunaga Hironori and the finished item is due to street in November; close-up shots can be found here. (no more)

[ERO] Doujin News: English textbook parody to see Comiket release

Via Pink Company and Canned Dogs: The third day of Comic Market 72 (Sunday, August 19th) will see the sale of Shin Iyarashii Kyoukasho (“New Lewd Textbook” – click on the lower white text link for samples), a parody of the New Crown junior high school English textbook series known and loved hated by legions of English students and teachers throughout Japan, myself included. Whether on the giving or receiving end of these books they have many tempestuous and morbid fantasies attached to them already, so they’re a welcome target for a quality bit of ero parody… This new release from circle Tsukinowa / Iyarashii Kyoukasho wo Tsukuru Kai (“Let’s make a dirty textbook group”) comes after the online release several years ago of an initial twelve page New Crown parody that made the rounds of image boards as a cult classic; I was unaware of the source until Zepy unearthed it, kudos to him for that. It turns out that a Google search for “NEW CROWN 教科書” turns up the parody as its first result, though; I’d imagine Sanseido wouldn’t be too happy if they knew. The new book will be on sale in block katakana “Pi”, space 15-a for those able to make the event. (no more)

Anime News: Code Geass ep. 24-25 promo up at Biglobe

Via Moon Phase: the official Code Geass site has updated with a promotional video for the upcoming theatrical / online / televised broadcast of episodes 24 and 25 of the series. It’s hosted by Biglobe, so some dastardly combination of Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Flash is required to view; it’s worth it though, as it seems there’s a whole lot they’ll be packing into these two “final” episodes… after poking around a bit it seems that the only confirmation regarding a sequel is that there will be one, though there is still no official news as to what form it will take or when it will be broadcast (if at all). Here’s hoping the rumors of another 25 episode season airing in the fall are true. (no more)