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Figure News: Art Storm Cerberus Project Sengoku Cannon Mizuka PVC kitaaaaaaaaaa~!!

Goodsmile has just updated their official site with the news that Sengoku Cannon‘s Mizuka as sculpted by Sunny Day of circle Cerberus Project (original kit) is coming in PVC from Art Storm in November. While some of Sunny Day’s other work hasn’t quite done it for me, the sheer exuberance of this figure radiating away from her face in a glow of excitement that would set off a Geiger counter at fifty paces has me hook, line and sinker. While 1/6 scale seems a bit generous for a figure they’re billing at 20 cm tall, donmai! Time to go preorder sniping… (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory piles on to the “Saber Zero” bandwagon with a PVC in December

Nearly simultaneously with Alter’s announcement of a pair of figures based on the Fate/Zero novels, Hobby Channel brings the news that Max Factory is is developing its own “Saber Zero” PVC kit set for release in December. Pricing details are unknown, but the combination of a fresh look and sculptor Kuroda Makoto’s solid credentials are sure to attract interest in the kit despite one of the most boring poses known to man. She comes with a retrofittable Excalibur, but I have a feeling that addition would only serve to make her more still-life in the Napoleonic sense… She just needs to stick her hand between those buttons. (no more)

Figure News: Alter announces limited edition business suit Saber, Irisviel PVCs for August release

Alter has a page up on their official site today for a limited edition pair of figures from Type-Moon’s Fate franchise (the new Fate/Zero novels, specifically), including a smartly dressed corporate Saber and the first figure incarnation of Iriya’s mother, Irisviel. The set is limited to a production run of 5,000 units, half of which will retail at Wonder Festival Summer 2007 on August 12th with the other 2,500 to be made available via general sales outlets. Sets will street for 3,000 yen for the pair of ~14 cm figures, with sculpting duty handled by Adachi Akatsuki (Saber) and Numakura Toshiaki (Irisfiel). I’m glad Alter is going the sensible route here and releasing half of the batch via online stores, as this will allow those of us unable to make it to the event a fighting chance at scoring the set for a reasonable price, and hopefully place downward pressure on the secondary auction market in the process. Edit: further info on Fate/Zero can be found at its Wikipedia entry. (no more)