On 7/7/7 at 9pm Tokyo Time (guess they thought that 7/7/7/7 would just be silly) a video was posted to haruhi.tv which appeared to show Haruhi and Kyon, err, I mean John Smith vandalizing a school field. This had previously announced in a full-page ad in the Asahi Shinbun, rendering the site site badly borked at the appointed time, and the video was only available for about an hour. Nonetheless, frantic refreshing of the site eventually paid off. Diego managed to get in just before I did, and has a thorough write-up available. My take: It’s certainly a very interesting video, and it’s nice to know that they’re going to this kind of trouble to drum up interest in the second incarnation of Haruhi, but boy it sure would be nice if they actually gave us some kind of information with this. Full video available inside.

Seiya is here too.