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Anime News: Japanese “table talk” RPG Night Wizard to recieve anime adaptation

Enterbrain announced the production today of upcoming TV anime Night Wizard, based on the “table talk” (Japanese jargon equivalent of tabletop or PnP) RPG by the same name. Direction will be handled by Yamamoto Yuusuke, most recently the director of Welcome to the NHK; given the spotty history of Japan-animated tabletop RPG spinoffs I’m not quite sure what to make of this, and while I have a hunch that it’s headed straight for the mediocrity barrel it won’t be for lack of interesting subject matter. (no more)

Figure News: August ’07 hobby magazine roundup

The scoops were scattered liberally across both Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Hobby Japan this month, prompting me to pick up both in an endeavor to comprehensify. The result here is hardly complete, but it does extract what I see as the best new offerings from the August ’08 round of hobby rags: Alter presents a pair of gunslinger girls (not those, however), Kotobukiya and Wafuudou Ganguten show a brace of royalty, and Volks parades pretty things before us that we’ll never get the chance to buy. It’s a festival of anticipation at HDHQ tonight…

[ERO] Figure Review: Daiki Kougyou’s Kousaka Tamaki (tsun-kao ver.) PVC from To Heart 2 XRATED

When this behemoth Tama-nee was figure first announced in April I was intimidated by her size, her leggy proportions, and her freakishly elongated torso. While Cobra-Kai’s rendering looks nothing like her original design, it was this precise fact that seduced me into picking the figure up (no giantess fetish here, honest); after her mutant novelty factor wore off was she truly worth the purchase? Read on…

Figure News: Max Factory and Asai Masaki present “Figma” line of action figures

An official site opened today for Figma, a collaborative project between maker Max Factory and sculptor / technician Asai “APSY” Masaki. Asai is famous for his work on fixed-pose and action figures alike, especially for his dynamic natural poses and inconspiuous points of articulation, and this looks like Max’s answer to projects such as Kaiyodo’s Revoltech, Konami’s Busou Shinki and Atelier Sai’s Duel Maid series. It will stand or fall based on the strength of its lineup, which is currently listed at three items; the first two are characters from the early 80’s manga and anime Puraresu Sanshirou, the progatonist’s fighting robot Juoumaru and the presumed love interest’s robot Sakura-hime. While the premise of this show sounds wicked cool (like a BURNING SPIRIT version of Angelic Layer), what is probably going to put the project in the black is the third model, that of a certain YUKI.N. She was scooped in the August issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine, on sale today, and I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing that scoop below:

Figure News: Bandai’s Code Geass Otodama Nano trading figure set up for preorder, in living color

We scooped this with the release of last month’s Hobby Japan, and now it’s official: Amazon has a preorder page up for Bandai’s Otodama Nano Code Geass trading figures, complete with (sadly low-resolution) color sample images. Amazon is listing their sale date as August 25th, though I’d hesitate to take this as definitive pending further corroboration; it’s a must have item regardless for fans of Geass, Kimura Takahiro designs and bishoujo figures in general, especially those keen on obtaining the first in what is sure to be a rich dynasty of C.C., Shirley, and Millay figures (Karen’s debut came earlier, but we’re sure to see more of her as well). Tanoshimi da wa~ (pictures below)