As of midnight tonight, June 20th (eight minutes ago as I type this) the first installment of the Shuraki original figure / artbook / drama CD collaboration series from Goodsmile and RED Entertainment went up for preorder. This first “trinity box” release features original character Mishiro Akatsuki, designed by Migarashi Aki and sculpted by zenko of circle Iousen. This first limited edition box release due out in September consists of 5,000 units, containing the figure itself (with interchangeable parts), a 92-minute drama spanning two CDs and featuring some of Japan’s finest voice talent , and a 24-page A5 size booklet with production art and other material. At 4,800 yen price point this is a staggeringly good deal, and one that’s definitely worth looking into if you can find her in stock anywhere after tonight’s rather vicious run on the market. I have to say that hair does look rather silly, though… Edit: a list of officially authorized Shuraki vendors can be found here. It looks like HLJ will be getting it, as will Hobby Search, so stay on guard for the preorder listings. (no more)