Several pieces of figure news from yesterday evening: first up is a gym uniform Haruhi + Nurse Mikuru prize figure set from Sega, due out in December. Next, Gonzo / Organic has opened preorders for their Francesca Luccini mechamusume PVC from the Shimada Fumikane-designed Strike Witches OVA. It’s due out in August. Finally we have a couple of mysterious offerings from Taki (Tachyon) Corporation, both currently display-only but due for sale in August, and both apparently fully cast-off ready: an Ilfa PVC from To Heart 2, and a Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. The rogues’ gallery is pictured below, along with a few other news items:

Sega gym Haruhi nurse Mikuru prize figures Gonzo / Organic Francesca Luccini Strike Witches PVC figure Taki Corporation Ilfa PVC from To Heart 2 Taki Corporation Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen

  • In other news, Konami has an official site up for their Haruhi classroom series of PVC figures, nothing new here but a convenient way to keep track of releases for those planning to reenact the show in diorama form.
  • Also, Toys Planning earlier posted their intent to craft some supplemental items of clothing for their [ERO] Shoujo 2 kit, and they posted an equally [ERO] pair of progress reports on said clothing here (fundoshi) and here (naked apron)… I’ve got a review of her to finish up. :3
  • Sofmap has posted a review of Toranoana’s Vispo-sculpted Noir et Blanc Diana and Morte PVCs, due out at the end of June. I’d love to get my hands on these but the wallet is speaking mute volumes to the contrary…