After April’s rather profound rise in access due to people realizing that we were actually updating again (!!), May was more or less a plateau, punctuated by a mid month Kotakudot. The most popular page after the Ero tab was once again the spotlight on creator Happoubi Jin; with that now replaced we should see some change here come the end of June. While it’s not really news, those interested in more detailed graphs can find them below:

Heisei Democracy May 2007 access log

May 2007 access log

Heisei Democracy May 2007 top ten pages

May 2007 top ten pages

Edit: I’m not sure to what extent this reflects actual HD readership numbers, as this item seems to be left out of the equation… if anyone has tips for extracting more meaningful feed subscription information I’m all ears.

Edit 2: in other site news, after mailing Technorati support a few weeks ago they finally got around to fixing things so HD’s authority is displayed correctly. I guess that’s as good a gauge of our e-penis size as anything, not that said phalli are something we’re all that concerned with around here.