If you’re like me and you’ve wanted to play Enterbrain’s Kimikiss ever since it was released to raving accolades (and a very warm reception from the doujin community) last spring, only you don’t have a Japanese PS2 (or a TV…), in commemoration of the game’s one year anniversary our prayers have been answered! Kimikiss Mou Chotto Omake Gekijou, a freestanding PC game featuring the Kimikiss cast, will be available for download from the game’s official site until June 15th. I just played through the first few minutes, and from the moment Nana sneaks up beside your bed I was hooked – the production values are pretty far out for an AVG (though sadly unvoiced, unless it’s possible to unlock voices by clearing the game). After Nana’s intro she takes you on an “adventure”, letting you choose from a batch of encounters with the various heroines that you must clear or face a BAD END at the hand of a very scantily clad grim reaper. I’m all the more tempted to finally invest in a PS2 and related paraphernalia just to play the original game… Note: this game is not ero, and will only be available for download from the official site until June 15th. (no more)