Online shop Rakuten Be-J scoops several new prize figure offerings today, now available for preorder for those lacking a nearby UFO catcher at which to try their luck: October will bring a pair of Lux and Cagalli Gundam SEED figures from Banpresto, with Lunamaria following in November along with a pair of newly designed Tetsudou Musume figures from Sega (I’m guessing Be-J is miscrediting this and it should actually go to Tomy). Perhaps the most interesting offerings will come in December with Sega’s set of Yamashita Shunya-designed Kasumi figures from Dead or Alive, and a pair of Gundam 0083-inspired Yoshizaki Mine figures from Banpresto. Pictures of all five sets below:

Gundam SEED's Lux and Cagalli prize figures from Banpresto a pair of Lunamaria prize figures from Gundam SEED and Banpresto Tetsudou Musume prize figures from Sega (Tomy?)
Yamashita Shunya-designed Kazumi prize figure from Dead or Alive and Sega Prize Yoshizaki Mine-designed Gundam 0083 prize figures from Banpresto