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Creator Spotlight: Sano Toshihide

Illustrator and character artist Sano Toshihide has been a force in the eroge world for almost a decade, towering over the industry from his frosty palace in the Hokkaido tundra like some lofty northern king of yore. He has seldom deigned mere mortals elsewhere in Japan with his presence, and while I’ve been partial to his work for years I’ve never taken the close look at his portfolio that it so richly deserves. That changes today in this, our next installment of stalk an artist the Creator Spotlight!

Figure Review : Toysworks Amamiya Manami & Inamori Mika – White Swimsuit Version

So I’m chilling in #naisho on one night (unofficial chat hangout of HD) and someone links to Amiami’s listing for Toysworks Manami & Mikan PVC. After scoping it and considering it, I’m ordered up and waiting for Sagawa to courier it to the door of my hovel.

[ERO] Goods News: Toranoana, G.J? announce “oppai dakimakura”

A Toranoana representative posted a column today at Akiba Blog detailing the production of what they’re calling “Purichichi“: a line of dakimakura (hug pillows) with fully contoured bosoms attached to the front. My amusement at the upgrade of the regular dakimakura’s already considerable “oh, Japan” potential changed to an entirely different emotion as I scrolled down to see the in-progress design for the first pillow – a magnificent illustration of Shiratori Amane from the pen of Sano Toshihide and his next G.J? game, Anata no Shiranai Kangofu. Little is known about the project at this point, though the first pillow is scheduled for release this summer synchronous with that of the game; we’ll be keeping a close eye on this as it develops. This news was just the shot in the arm my rabid Sano fandom needed to finish work on the next creator spotlight… Picture of the full [ERO, NWS] preliminary pillow design below:

[ERO] Figure News: “dere-kao” Tama-nee PVC up for preorder from Daiki Kougyou

A preorder listing is up at Amiami today for Daiki Kougyou’s Kousaka Tamaki (dere-kao ver.) PVC from To Heart 2 XRATED, due out in August at 1/5 scale (37 cm tall) and 12,600 yen retail. This is the same item as Daiki’s earlier announced tsun-kao version, only with a smiling face instead of the ambiguously petulant one and a different coloring job on the lingerie; while the tsun of tsundere is supposed to be the scarier half, I’m finding this dere version far more frightening… (no more)

Anime News: Doujin Work official site updated

The official Doujin Work anime website was updated on Monday to something more closely resembling a Doujin Work anime website, including story information and character profiles. Why am I so excited about this? In its manga incarnation it’s part of the tradition shared by NHK, Genshiken, and Comic Party, most closely resembling the latter in terms of its fantasy caricature of the doujin scene, only far more humorously deviant. With this coming in July followed by season 2 of Genshiken in the fall, the latter half of 2007 is looking to be fine time for fans of anime about fans of anime. :3 (no more)

Figure News: fall ’07 prize figure lineup from Banpresto, Tomy, Sega

Online shop Rakuten Be-J scoops several new prize figure offerings today, now available for preorder for those lacking a nearby UFO catcher at which to try their luck: October will bring a pair of Lux and Cagalli Gundam SEED figures from Banpresto, with Lunamaria following in November along with a pair of newly designed Tetsudou Musume figures from Sega (I’m guessing Be-J is miscrediting this and it should actually go to Tomy). Perhaps the most interesting offerings will come in December with Sega’s set of Yamashita Shunya-designed Kasumi figures from Dead or Alive, and a pair of Gundam 0083-inspired Yoshizaki Mine figures from Banpresto. Pictures of all five sets below: