In the neverending quest for a definition of the elusive moe this month’s poll goes for the minimalist approach: I’ve brainstormed ten words that I think may in some way be reflective of its meaning, and it’s your mission (should you choose to accept it) to pick the one you feel most closely encapsulates your relationship with the concept. If you’d like to discuss your choice, or if the word you would choose isn’t on the list, why not post it to comments? Results of the previous poll below:

Previous poll:

When you want an item of otaku goods that isn’t readily available, what do you do?

  • Take it case by case – invest in things you value most, pass up things you don’t, and obtain ‘trial versions’ of ones in the middle (55%) (143 Votes)
  • Pass it up – smart shopping can net you plenty of good stuff without overspending or being unethical (24%) (61 Votes)
  • Pursue a cheaper black market alternative – it’s the creator’s fault for not meeting market demand (11%) (28 Votes)
  • Support the creator at all costs – even if it costs an arm a a leg to import the original item (10%) (27 Votes)

Total Votes: 259

It seems that we’re a community of pragmatists who are otherwise evenly split between supporting the industry and punishing it for perceived wrongdoings. No big surprises here, though it was interesting to see the black market and creator support numbers running neck and neck through the entire voting period; I didn’t think the breakdown would be quite so clean.

In today’s final site-related note, it looks like the HD forums are back up and running. You can go check them out if you want to!