Via Canned Dogs: anime-themed satellite channel AT-X has posted a program profile for the anime version of Doujin Work, set to air in July. According to Zepy’s scoop the show will be half animated and half live action, featuring the seiyuu attempting to create their own doujinshi. I’m not sure what his source is on this as it’s not written on either the official site or its AT-X offshoot, but if true it could make for a very interesting viewing experience indeed. Zepy also mentions altercations between mangaka Hiroyuki and the anime staff over the degree to which the story’s content will be toned down for the anime; it would be a shame if they strayed too far from the original as its acerbic wit is what makes the manga worthwhile. In other news, the fourth volume of the manga is set for publication on July 27th, its limited edition including a drama CD and full-color booklet. I’ll try to get a review of the manga up here before the anime starts, or some sort of preview at least… (no more)