We scoop May’s batch of month-end eroge releases today, including the big new game from the Tsuyokiss team, the eroge version of anime Touka Gettan, a new game from ruf (the company that made Yume Miru Kusuri), Illusion’s latest bloatware polygonfest, and plenty of maids, cheerleaders, vampires, goddesses, and schoolgirls to go around.

The weekend corresponding with payday at the end of the month is always a big one for eroge releases in Japan, and this month is no exception. As usual Galge scoops the game releases we can look forward to for today (May 25th), the most important and/or interesting of which are detailed below:

Minato Soft's Kimi ga Aruji de Itsuji ga Ore de

Kimi ga Aruji de Itsuji ga Ore de from Minato Soft

Root's Touka Gettan

Touka Gettan from Root

  • Next up is Root’s Touka Gettan, originally scheduled for release around the same time as the on-air launch of the all ages anime by the same name. Having not yet had the chance to watch the anime I have no idea what this is about aside from Carnelian, but it’s notable in that I believe this is the first project ever to see the (near) simultaneous release of an 18+ bishoujo game and an all ages anime based on the same franchise. Intriguing! *strokes chin thoughtfully*

ruf's Tsukutori

Tsukutori from ruf

  • Also of interest in today’s release line up is ruf’s Tsukutori, mentioned here because everyone likes a good Japanese- style suspense adventure but mostly because it’s from the same company that produced Yume Miru Kusuri (on sale now! *cough cough*). I’m not aware that the two games share any staff in common, but I support the brand in principle. PS: For the love of all that is great and good please get Tanaka Romeo back on scenario duty as soon as possible. :3

Those are the big three this week. Stepping down a rank we have, in no particular order:

  • Lusterise’s Shoku
  • tentacles galore

  • Illusion’s School Mate
  • high spec low plot polygon romp

  • Asa Project’s Meikuru!
  • welcome to happy maid life!

  • Meromero Cute’s Draculius
  • bloodsucking mysterious story adventure

And that’s a wrap! Looking ahead to June’s round of month-end releases makes this group pale by comparison; brace your wallets for impact, ladies and gentlemen.