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Figure News: prototype model of Konami’s Bemani Iroha PVC unveiled

Konami has just posted a photo of the model they’ll be using if they receive the 2,500 preorders necessary to trigger the production of their Beatmania II DX Iroha PVC figure. The sculpt is rather underwhelming compared to the GOLI design art (what’s up with those hands?), but hopefully the details will be ironed out if the figure ever goes to production… the 2,500 unit preorder quota must be met by June 17th or it’s no dice. Picture below:

Figure News: Kotobukiya’s limited edition Yamashita Shunya Shouko-san PVC up for preorder

Announced on Yamashita Shunya’s official blog almost a month ago (HD scoop), today Kotobukiya put up a listing for his original design Shouko-san figure, the latest in Kotobukiya’s “The Art of Yamashita Shunya” line of limited edition PVCs. At 7,350 yen her price is consistent with the other recent entries in the series (HD reviews coming soon), as is her 1/7 scale; I’m not quite as taken with her as with the earlier kits, but still a good looking item and a serious contender for purchase come release in September. Pictures below:

Manga News: Toshiue no Hito drama CD released

Announced back in April, a drama CD based on Amazume Ryuuta‘s ecchi manga Toshiue no Hito was released last week (May 18th). Shintani Ryoko stars as Ageha. I think I’ll try to pick this up soon, in the hopes of an eventual anime adaptation… (no more)

[ERO] Game News: May 25th release lineup

We scoop May’s batch of month-end eroge releases today, including the big new game from the Tsuyokiss team, the eroge version of anime Touka Gettan, a new game from ruf (the company that made Yume Miru Kusuri), Illusion’s latest bloatware polygonfest, and plenty of maids, cheerleaders, vampires, goddesses, and schoolgirls to go around.