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Figure News: Legit Bubba Haruhi kit finally ships

Bubba made a blog post yesterday (thanks rq) to the effect that his Bunny Haruhi garage kit, the object of much fanboy zeal last fall, has finally shipped to those who mailordered it from the few Dengeki publications in which it was then available. Meanwhile various other, less official dealers have been selling the kit for nearly half a year now… I wish something could be done about this where we (the artists, IP holders, and fans) all win, but until Kadokawa realizes there’s money to be made we’re likely to be stuck in this crappy no-win situation. [07/05/19 13:16 – edited for unnecessarily incendiary tone] (no more)

Figure News: Bandai to release Otome Damashii “nano” Code Geass trading figure set in late August

Spotted this as part of Amiami‘s evening update last night: they’ve listed the item with no more than the sparsest details at this point (8,820 yen list price for a box of 12), but it promises to be the second official (non-chibi) entry into the Code Geass bishoujo figure world (after Otomedama Karen) and at that price point we should be able to expect a decent quality set of figures. No comparable set has been thus far released in the Otomedama line, though its official Bandai page can be found here. We’ll be keeping an eye out for photographic evidence… (no more)