A compendious eroge news update today, featuring details on a bunch of new games that have been announced over the past few weeks and updates of some others we’ve been following for awhile now. We’ve got a site renewal for Ole’s Oppai Baka for starters (the source of tonight’s thumbnail), news on the next title in Lilith’s release docket, a new trapfest from Cage, more bouncing from H+, an update on Hadashi Shoujo’s upcoming princess-o-rama spectacular, this week’s release lineup from Galge.com, the transfer of Mahou Shoujo Ai’s intellectual property rights, and news on new upcoming projects from Westvision, Black Rainbow, Noesis, and Frill. That’s a lot of eroge news all right!

  • Ole’s June 29th release-scheduled Oppai Baka has seen a comprehensive site renewal, including several new sample CG and an explanation of the game system. Viewers are advised to exercise caution while accessing, as you’ll poke your eye out on this site if you aren’t careful. Gunner-L fans, on the other hand, will feel right at home… :3
  • Lilith’s next game will be on their Black Lilith label, is entitled Dorei Shigan Saito (Slave Aspiration Website), boasts art by Nobushito, and is scheduled for package release on June 1st. Game Style has scooped the game in advance of details appearing on the Lilith site, complete with a nice array of sample CG.
  • Traps galore in the newest title from Cage, Puru Moeangel Idol Aiko, due out on June 29th. Fans of boys who look and sound exactly like flat-chested girls until you pull down their panties (or fans of flat-chested girls who aren’t too picky) will likely be delighted by this announcement… (sample CG)
  • Bouncing around between chest sizes we return to the ridiculously huge end of the spectrum with H+’s newly announced Ani-Yome Dakara!. It’s another one of the many titles scheduled for June 29th release, and features rather obvious assets that put it firmly in the same camp as Oppai Baka. A kneejerk procurement for me, I’m afraid. -_-;;
  • Hadashi Shoujo has confirmed the title of their upcoming princesstastic game to be Shiawase na Ohime-sama ~ Engage wa Kozukuri no Tame ni ~ (The Happy Princess ~ Engagement Is For Making Children ~). They’ve also put up a sample standing pose image of the title character, which I’ve taken the liberty of excerpting here:

Hadashi Shoujo's Shiawase na Ohime-sama

    We’ll be watching for further details on the project as it develops.
  • Westvision has announced a new game for release on July 20th entitled Inkou Karen Doukoukai (Sweet Harlot’s Association). They don’t allow linking to pages below the top of their site, but sample CG and other game details are currently available for viewing. Character art is from veteran eroge designer Sirpent, whose work I find thoroughly unattractive, but the game content itself seems quite interesting indeed; another one of those maniac Westvision games I’ll probably end up buying despite the art.
  • Black Rainbow announces Saiminjutsu 2, the latest in their hypnotism-themed line of games. It’s due out later this summer, with art from Yoshino Keiko. She’s done a lot of work on recent Black Rainbow titles, and while I’m rather ambivalent to her style we’ll be keeping an eye on this until the sample CG goes up.
  • Innocent Grey, known for their somber, serious stories, recently announced the formation of sister brand Noesis. It seems they’re going the more traditional moe route here, with their first game entitled Houkago no Senpai (After School Upperclassman) currently in production. Beyond the splash image on the front of the site there’s precious little to go on yet, though they do have a staff blog that seems to be updated regularly.

Noesis's Houkago no Senpai, currently in production

  • New eroge brand Frill has opened an official site for their flagship title, Chikan Senyou Sharyou (Train Car for Pervert Use). While I don’t care for the chikan genre at all, I very much like the look of the art from rookie creator Koisen Amane; I’ll be keeping an eye on this for that reason alone.
  • Maker Chien recently opened a page for their second (and newest) title, Reitetsu Reisei Shikashite XXX (Cool-Headed, Calm, And XXX). It’s due out within the year, but other than the splash image and official blog we don’t have much to go on yet. If the brand’s first title was anything to go by I’d say we’re in for some wacky fun.
  • Rounding up our eroge coverage today is the (slightly dated) news that as of the end of April, Hue, the original maker of the Mahou Shoujo Ai series of games, has transferred ownership of the copyright and IP for the franchise as well as the responsibility for producing subsequent games in the series to maker GP Museum Soft, part of the MS Pictures / Milky Anime group that produced the eroanime OVA by the same name.

    The good news here is that the franchise is not abandoned, and a good portion of the Hue staff will be moving over to continue work on Mahou Shoujo Ai 3. The bad news is that the transfer of IP came at just the wrong time for sculpting circle Hikouki Dake wa Kanben na?, who particpated at a figure convention for the first time this past WHF (no known web presence, sadly) with this stunningly drop-dead insanely awesome Meg kit which he was unable to sell because he couldn’t get permission from the new copyright holder in time. *weeps*

Meg from the Mahou Shoujo Ai series, from sculptor Hikouki Dake wa Kanben na?

Our next major eroge update will happen some time next week in the run up to the big month-end release Friday (May 25th this month), with other minor newsbits possible in the interim should anything interesting come up. I’ve been meaning to get an eroanime post out as well, though it keeps being postponed; there will be several OVAs based on eromanga coming out in the near future that I’d like to talk about sometime, but no definite plans as of yet.