Japanese online shop Amiami put a listing up last night for a 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) Yoko figure with removable rifle due out from Konami on September 27th. It’s being called a “statue” at this point and there’s no mention of PVC in the listing, but I assume it will be PVC; that price point (5,775 yen retail) is too low for all but the most shoddily painted cold casts. I put in a preorder despite the lack of visual evidence or sculptor information; while it may very well end up being a lumpy misshapen paperweight like Konami’s ventures into the forbidden terrain of Rumble Roses figuredom at least it will be a historical one, and if the sculpt turns out to be remotely good I can guarantee that it’s only the preorders that will have a chance in hell of paying retail for this. Yoko fans with loose wallets should look to snipe her when she shows up elsewhere soon. (no more)