Via Moon Phase: publishing house Ichijinsha has put up a special Touhou feature page today with details on three new media projects in the works, all produced with the cooperation of the multi-talented Zun. The first is a manga that will appear in Comic Rex, the second is a (light?) novel that will appear in Chara Mel, and the third is a four-panel manga that will appear in Manga 4-Koma Kings Palette. All three will debut in June, and according to Zepy’s coverage are part of the same story, dubbed Touhou Bougetsushou. Given these new items in addition to the manga already running in Comp Ace an eventual Touhou anime is seeming even more inevitable, though given Zun’s (rumored) quixotic temperament it may be that he’s the one holding things up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to produce, direct, score, draw keyframes, and voice act the whole thing… (no more)