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Shingo Note: Back from World Hobby Festival Ariake 16, report coming soon

I made my way to the Big Sight today in pursuit of the garage kit and figure action I missed at Wonder Festival Winter 2007. I found it there in spades, spades so large that they can’t be processed in one evening; to tide us over until we can get the full review cobbled together here are a few highlights from today’s event:

Lucky Star Invades Akiba Stores

AkibaBlog posted a story complete with photographic evidence of the invasion of Lucky Star into stores. Not in the way you might think – it seems that everybody from second hand DVD dealers to figure shops to doujin shops to 2nd hand computer stores have been using Lucky Star characters in their signage, and this a development only as recent as the beginning of the broadcast of the Kyoto Animation series. See the original AkibaBlog post for pictures. (no more)

Figure Review: Alter’s Amaha Masane (plainclothes ver.) PVC from Witchblade

The first in a trio of Witchblade figures to be released over the past week, how does Alter’s plainclothes version of Masane – complete with patented Flexible Chest Technology – compare to her peers? Inquiring minds want to know…