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Figure News: Yamashita Shunya announces his next Kotobukiya-produced kit

Yamashita Shunya has a post up on his blog today with details and photographs of Hanaya Suekko (florist’s youngest child) Shouko-san, the next kit based on one of his original illustrations to be rendered in PVC by Kotobukiya. Like his four prior kits produced under a similar arrangement sales are to be limited to Kotobukiya outlets only, alas; we can expect her to reach her officially sanctioned destinations in September or October of this year. (no more)

Anime News: MOETAN. a super vocabulary handbook is now enchanted to animation!

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Moetan is a series of Japanese-to-English phrasebooks ostensibly targeted at otaku who cannot process new information save through their favorite anime catch phrases delivered by a POP-rendered mascot character. Clicking on either of the above links will direct you to the same place: the official site for the new Moetan anime, announced today and slated to air in July.

While the quality of the English renderings has steadily improved over the book series’ three installments and various side releases, the text on the official anime site promises more of the delicious moe Engrish we’ve come to know and love. There are a lot of details about this that could make or break the Anglo-moe quotient, and you can be sure we’ll have an eye on them over the coming months… (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile announces Wani Books’ Comic Gum Figure Collection Kanu Unchou white gothic lolita ver. PVC figure from Ikkitousen

Now there’s a post title you can shove into your smoking device of preference and inhale profoundly. Goodsmile has updated their official site today with a page for their Wani Books’ Comic Gum Figure Collection Kanu Unchou white gothic lolita ver. PVC from Ikkitousen, and she’s a beauty. Clocking in at 5,000 yen, 1/7 scale, and 24 cm tall (including naginata-esque weapon whose precise name I forget at the moment), she’s due to hit the street in July. It’s hard to tell from the Goodsmile sample pictures alone, but from the shadow cast by the fabric below her arm it looks like that corset just might be removable… It’s a good day indeed for Ikkitousen figure fans. (pictures below)

BREAKING NEWS: Gurren Lagann producer resigns, quits Gainax board of directors over episode 4 and Mixi scandal fallout

Gainax producer Akai Takami announced today on the official Gainax website that due primarily to the inappropriate comments of Gainax staff members that appeared on Mixi and the strife they caused in the fan community and on the official Gurren Lagann blog, as of the airing of episode five this coming Sunday his name will no longer appear in the credit roll as producer. In addition he has taken the step of resigning from the Gainax board of directors as “self punishment” and to “reflect on the situation”. We’ll be following this story as it develops… Thanks to wildarmsheero for the heads up. (no more)

End of April eroge news roundup OR: The hunt for Shiiko

We scoop the low-down on the fifteen biggest game releases of the coming weekend (in no particular order), examine Terios’s newly announced Happy Princess, speculate on the nature of a Hadashi Shoujo teaser image, take a ride on the tentacley side with a pair of new doujin soft releases (AskRay included), and Shiiko. Warning: this post is confusing, even to me.

Figure News: Griffon’s Sonsaku Hakufu gym uniform ver. PVC from Ikkitousen up for preorder

Recently Griffon has been holding its figure announcements very close to its chest, but it let one slip today in the form of this Amazon preorder page for an erokawaii Hakufu kit from Ikkitousen (or Dragon Destiny, choose your flavor). Given the scant information on the maker’s official site and the Amazon page it’s not clear when the kit will be coming out, but other online shops are sure to post her for preorder soon. (pictures below)