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Midweek Hobby News Roundup

News from various corners of the figure world today, including the preorder availability and subsequent vanishing act of gargantuan Suzumiya Haruhi, a surprise in the chest area from Alter’s upcoming Witchblade Masane PVC, the release and immediate sell-out of Max Factory’s Pachira from Majipoka, another version of Romando’s bizarre Nami SOS tentacle figure, and a good deal more!

Anime News: Gurren Lagann ep. 4, fiasco and aftermath

What happens when you switch directors of a Sunday morning anime unannounced, and the fanbase of the show discovers that you’ve been insulting them on a social networking site since the first episode? Gainax is finding out the hard way on their official blog, as Zepy reports (initial post, continuation). (more below)