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HDTV Episode 01: Aquarian Age Alternative arcade gameplay report

Shipon represents this evening with a wonderfully produced short detailing the multimedia experience that is the new Japanese arcade card battle game Aquarian Age Alternative. Check below for the first documentary mini feature in what from this day forth shall be known as the true meaning of HDTV (said with only a slight dash of hyperbole…).

Figure News: Kaiyodo’s Bome Collection vol. 22 Tohsaka Rin PVC up for preorder

The dark-haired beauty and closet (or not so closet) yuri heroine of Type-Moon’s Fate / stay night has been announced today as the next entry in Kaiyodo’s Bome-sculpted line of PVC figures, and is listed now at Moe Soul as being available in June. Rin fans will want to take this into consideration, though the generic pose and questionable face sculpt will likely cause most casual consumers to stay away. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Peach Princess’s Yume Miru Kusuri now in stock and shipping

Woohoo! It’s been a while in the making, but word has finally come today that Yume Miru Kusuri is back from the duplicators and ready for distribution. One small step for man, one giant leap for the world of quality English-translated eroge… (no more)

Book News: new Queen’s Blade character unveiled, designs by Zundarepon

Teito no Seijo Merfa (Merfa, Saint of the Imperial Capital) is the latest character to be unveiled in Hobby Japan’s line of Queen’s Blade game books. She will join Nix to form the next pair of Queen’s Blade book releases, which are due out in June according to the series’ official site. As mentioned above Merfa’s design duty is being handled by Zundarepon, a long-time favorite artist of mine despite his occasionally flagrant violations of anatomical integrity. While I don’t find this new design to be particularly inspired, I’m looking forward to a high quality Zundarepon artbook regardless of content. Edit: in other Queen’s Blade news, it seems the [ERO] Queen’s Blade anthology comic was released today. I won’t have my hands on a copy until the weekend, alas. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Ignis the White PVC from Jingai Makyou up for preorder on April 28th

Scooped here first back in February (check that link for pictures), Orchid Seed has finally updated the official page for their upcoming Ignis the White PVC kit with details regarding its release. Subtitled ~Eien ni Kesenu Honoo no Ignis~ (Ignis of the Unquenchable Flame), we can expect to see her hit the street in September in an initial limited run of 2,000 units, retailing for 11,700 yen. In addition, a cast sample of the figure will be on display at Kotobukiya’s Radio Kaikan location in Akihabara starting today (April 24th) so the curious public can get their first unrestricted glimpse of what is being billed the “ultimate Ignis”. The official site is saying that the preorder locations for this first round will be limited, so it may be difficult to score one of the initial two thousand… We’ll keep you posted as further details are revealed. (no more)