Bits and bobs of news from the hobby world collected over the past week(end), including new figure announcements from Kurushima, Musashiya, Ootsuka Kikaku (that’s their moe-moe tank school captain in the thumbnail), and Max Factory (Toradora!). New official sites up for several previously-announced figures as well as further details on items such as Solid Theater’s Play Stationery 2 and Maritan to Hanasou! F・●・C・K!

  • A cold cast Yasumi-chan series Holiday (Summertime) kit is coming from Kurushima and sculptor Keiko in August, slated to be featured in the next volume of Replicant and currently available for order as a resin kit.

Kurushima's Keiko-sculpted Yasumi-chan series Holiday (Summertime) resin kit and cold cast coming in August

  • Musashiya is putting out what may be their first PVC kit, a downscaled 1/6 version of their original 1/5 scale Iroha cold cast / resin kit from Samurai Spirits. It’s due out in May… despite the lower price point this still doesn’t seem particularly attractive to me, I think it’s because all Musashiya kits seem to have the exact same head.
  • Ootsuka Kikaku presents their fourth original PVC kit, derived from the cover of the first volume of the Moero! Sensha Gakkou (tank school) series, theoretical maneuvers captain Akiyama Yoshika. Due out in August, I’ll be looking for this to appear for preorder any time now…

Moeyo! Sensha Gakkyou vol. 1 cover, source of the Ootsuka Kikaku Akiyama Yoshiko figure design

  • Shunya Yamashita scoops completed PVC versions of his Kotobukiya-limited Kairi PVC kit, due out later this month. I have the brown-haired one on preorder, and am eagerly anticipating the review opportunity… :3 As a side note, the current Gainax top image is a stirring rendition of Yoko and Gurren Lagann penned by none other than the master himself!
  • Max Factory’s staff blog scoops the finished version of their upcoming Shana figure, as well as a work in progress from Takemiya Yuyuko’s Dengeki Bunko-serialized novel Toradora!, featuring the character Aisaka Taiga and her te-nori (hand-riding) tiger companion, as depicted on the cover of the novel’s first volume:

Toradora!'s Aisaka Taiga and te-nori tiger, source of the new Max Factory kit

  • Fans of school supplies and small girls take note: colorized designs are now available from Hobby Channel for Solid Theater’s next round of Play Stationery figures, due out in August.

What are you going to do when they come for you?