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Event Notes: Sunshine Creation 35

Sunshine Creation is an all-genre doujin convention held multiple times a year in Ikebukuro’s Sunshine City shopping complex / convention center. The 35th iteration of the event was held yesterday, and my friend and sometime doujin collaborator Animaestro was there. He sent the following notes from the field:

Anime News: Genshiken Season 2 – this time it’s for real!

The official Genshiken website was updated today with the news that a second season of the anime is in fact in the works, scheduled to air this fall.

…holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. There are no words, just incoherent sound as I try to express the immense wave of excitement washing over me right now.

Perhaps the daily votive offerings of bald, bearded yaoi doujinshi at my (as yet unfinished) Ohno shrine have paid off after all… needless to say we’ll be following this very, VERY closely over the coming months. (no more… yet)

Figure News: FREEing / Goodsmile announce 1/4 scale bunny girl Haruhi PVC, due out in June

Coming just a month after rookie brand FREEing’s first announcement of their gargantuan 1/4 scale bunny girl Mikuru PVC kit (due out in May; was up for preorder for maybe an hour before it was sold out and I missed it completely ;_;) comes notice that they’re following it in June with the release of a similarly proportioned Haruhi kit. Clocking in at 24 cm in height, it will retail for 9,800 yen and like the Mikuru kit its production will be handled by Goodsmile. I’m guessing we can expect an official announcement from them shortly, followed by preorder notices up at all of the usual suspects; those keen on acquiring Godzilla Haruhi should ready their mouse fu in anticipation, as this one is likely to be gone practically before it’s posted. (pictures below)

Weekend Hobby Roundup: April 20th-22rd

Bits and bobs of news from the hobby world collected over the past week(end), including new figure announcements from Kurushima, Musashiya, Ootsuka Kikaku (that’s their moe-moe tank school captain in the thumbnail), and Max Factory (Toradora!). New official sites up for several previously-announced figures as well as further details on items such as Solid Theater’s Play Stationery 2 and Maritan to Hanasou! F・●・C・K!