The release of a new Fate title is of such monumentally colossal importance to the otaku universe that it could not possibly be described as anything other than a Protoculture (sales) Event. That said, in this writer’s humble opinion Type Moon should move on. They’ve only produced a single game (and a fan disc) as a professional unit, and as much as we all know and love the elaborate cosmology they’ve created it seems to me that they’ve been resting on their laurels for a bit too long. I guess I could see the Fateverse becoming something like a D&D campaign setting for visual novels, which would be fine, but where would TSR be now if they had stuck with Greyhawk alone? Probably owned by Hasbro or something… Anyway, Realta Nua is now on sale and as I type Fateheads everywhere are deliriously inhaling the bajillions of lines of spoken dialogue from Ayako and Kana-chan, and I’m sitting here without a PS2. *weeps softly* (no more)