Odds and ends from the eroverse this weekend, including a roundup of game and manga releases, recent site updates, and a new anime announcement from Vanilla that should provoke a good bit of quality discussion. And I thought Tama-nee was big…

April 13th, 2007 Ero Releases

Eroanime News

  • Lilith’s sister anime brand Pixy has opened an official site for the April 21st (download) release of Ane Hara-Mix vol. 3. I’d make some pun about egg on the face here but I think today’s thumbnail image speaks for itself; the original Ane Hara-Mix game page can be found here, and Game Style’s coverage of the OVA is here.
  • Vanilla has updated its Joku Ana vol. 2 site with additional screen shots and confirmation of a May 11th release date. Far more bizarre though is the announcement of Issunboushi (Eng: midget) vol. 1, catering to what I find to be one of the oddest fetishes out there (not that I’m one to talk): macrophilia. Those who like their women at 12/1 scale (or their men at 1/12 scale) will be happy to hear that their fantasies will be fulfilled on June 8th.

    …I still can’t believe there’s enough of an audience for this to justify the animation budget for one, let alone two episodes of the incredible shrinking man. I’ve been at this gig long enough that I seldom have “oh, Japan” moments any more, but this definitely qualifies as one of them.

Vanilla Anime's Issunboushi vol. 1 eroanime OVA cover

Eroge News

  • Illusion has a demo movie online for their May 25th release of School Mate, the latest and most processor intensive in their series of polygon-based eroge. While I like the look of some of the features promised in the movie, I shudder to think how my (until recently) high end graphics card will handle the load of four characters active in a scene when it already stutters on one…
  • Cyc has updated their Senjou de Shoujo wa Kokoro wo Sagasu official site with information on the game’s characters and play progression. Those looking for something other than the typical ADV formula may find this battlefield war simulation interesting; we’ll be keeping an eye on it as the June 29th release date approaches.
  • Lilith has updated the official site of their upcoming Tana-designed Lilith Mist title, Shion, due for release via download on 4/20 and in package form on 4/27. Maniac ero fans only need apply.
  • Maker Psy-chs is celebrating its seventh anniversary with the release of a pair of wallpapers, available for download here.

And that’s about it. A slow week for ero news in general, though we can expect next weekend to be more active: the monthly publication of Tech Gian usually precludes a lot of new game sites going online, and a bunch of games will start the countdown to their April 27th releases as well. Stay tuned!