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Weekend Hobby Roundup: April 13th-15th

The latest news from the hobby world, including updates on Konami’s Busou Shinki Battle Rondo and Mechamusume figures, the scoop on the newest figures in Max Factory’s lineup (Kanon’s Ayu and Makoto), an O-ji / Toy’s Planning collection update, Kaiyodo’s release schedule through May, Dragon Age Pure volume 4 and its accompanying Goodsmile / Itou Noiji figure, Queen’s Blade cushion covers, and more.

Weekend Ero Roundup: April 13th-15th

Odds and ends from the eroverse this weekend, including a roundup of game and manga releases, recent site updates, and a new anime announcement from Vanilla that should provoke a good bit of quality discussion. And I thought Tama-nee was big…