While I can’t quite tell whether she’s sneering or just baring her teeth in a becoming way, this bikini-clad Tsukino PVC from Yakitate Japan, Alter / Aniplex, and sculptor Saitou Fumiki (large gallery of the original kit here) seems to be just what the doctor ordered for the hot summer months ahead, especially if she’s on time for her scheduled August release. Not being much of a Tsukino fan I’ll be giving this one a miss, but it doesn’t seem like too hard a sell – especially with the track record of the recently released Tsukino (Pantasia ver.) PVC from the same production team. That one sold out with such speed that I regret not picking one up to see what all the fuss was about when I had the chance… I’d recommend hopping on the preorder for this if you’re interested, lest she slip through your fingers. (no more)