Goodsmile’s recently launched Shuraki multimedia figure project is a collaboration with Red Entertainment to produce a line of original “character units” (my arbitrary description), each containing a figure, a 24-page booklet filled with design art, and a drama CD. The official site was updated yesterday with art for each of the five characters in the production lineup thus far, along with news that photographs of the figure for the first character Mishiro Akatsuki will be uploaded on April 19th (pictures of the unpainted cast kit available here), and that she’s scheduled to go on sale in August. In the near future we’ll be bringing you a more detailed look at what seems to be an instant Queen’s Blade phenomenon in the making.

In other news from the overlords at Goodsmile, Max Factory’s Shiranui Mai PVC is scheduled to see a second batch out in November following its initial August release. Very good news indeed for those who couldn’t sneak in a preorder last week. Also, the release lineup for figures coming out under the Goodsmile umbra in the month of April has been updated with precise dates spanning the next few weeks. Only two items made my preorder list from them this month, though several others are still very tempting… (no more)