Hobby Stock and Amiami both got busy in the last few hours of the workday today, posting preorders for Aoshima’s [ERO] Funny Knights Masterpiece of Yamashita Shunya Rudy PVC (Hobby Stock | Amiami | limited edition color) due out in July, Toranoana’s guitar wielding bunny girl Haruhi PVC (Hobby Stock) also due out in July, Solid Theater’s [ERO] Onna no Ko #2 Kimono Girl Isuzu Tsumugi (Hobby Stock | Hobby Stock limited edition | Amiami) due out in August, and a couple of crappy Yujin figures. It looks like Bome’s Misty May (from Otaku no Video, for the uneducated) went on sale today as well. (no more)