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Anime News: promotional video up at the official Doujin Work site

Despite my avowed ambivalence toward 4-panel manga and their anime adaptations hope springs eternal: a new promotional video is online at the Doujin Work official site today that while not exactly encouraging is so abstract that it can’t really be called discouraging, either. I finally managed to track down the elusive manga the show will be based on, so hopefully the next time it crops up here I’ll have a more informed view of what the all of those kaleidoscoping characters are doing in that there video clip… all I know at this point is that it’ll be about working with doujin, which is a genre I fully stand behind. (no more)

Tuesday Night Figure Roundup

Hobby Stock and Amiami both got busy in the last few hours of the workday today, posting preorders for Aoshima’s [ERO] Funny Knights Masterpiece of Yamashita Shunya Rudy PVC (Hobby Stock | Amiami | limited edition color) due out in July, Toranoana’s guitar wielding bunny girl Haruhi PVC (Hobby Stock) also due out in July, Solid Theater’s [ERO] Onna no Ko #2 Kimono Girl Isuzu Tsumugi (Hobby Stock | Hobby Stock limited edition | Amiami) due out in August, and a couple of crappy Yujin figures. It looks like Bome’s Misty May (from Otaku no Video, for the uneducated) went on sale today as well. (no more)

Protoculture News: Goodsmile tours Nitro+, scoops Satsuriku no Jango

Yesterday’s (April 9th) edition of Goodsmile’s Wonderful Hobby News Watch featured the first in what they’re billing as a series of features in which field reporters from the ace Hobby News investigative team venture forth into the black heart of otakudom that is the eroge production studio. This installment brings us to the domain of Nitro+, where a few dozen staff work in a surprisingly well-lit office on 2D painting, 3D animation and afro-clad hand puppet research. I have a feeling this environment is more the exception than the rule when it comes to eroge makers (Nitro+ is the only one I know of that has a drag queen (?) in charge of publicity), but it’s a fascinating look at what goes on in the offices of an upper echelon brand. As an added bonus, viewers are treated to shots of Satsuriku no Jango in production and a special movie that was only available for a limited time on Nitro+’s official site prior to April 1st. A must view for those curious about the ins and outs of the eroge lifestyle. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Solid Theater’s Isuzu Tsumugi up for preorder later today

Based on a Comic Megastore pinup illustration by Miyasu Risa (Erogamescape page), the second in Solid Theater’s “Onna no Ko” series was unveiled at Comic Market 70 last summer. As of today it’s been given a release window (August of this year), and will be available for preorder in a special limited edition from the Solid Theater official site as of 5:00 PM this evening. The Solid Theater edition (and possibly other editions) will come with a short eromanga by Miyasu Risa, with samples available here. A Hobby Stock limited edition of the figure is also planned. This is definitely one for the collection, but without more specifics on the various editions it’s hard to know which to go for… (picture below)

Manga News: Toshiue no Hito to be dramatized

News in this morning that the Amazume Ryuuta ecchi manga series Toshiue no Hito is slated to be made into a drama CD, with release from Chambers Records on May 18th. Shintani Ryouko stars as Osanai Ageha. I wonder if this could portend an OVA in the works… (no more)