13cm recently announced the formation of sister brand 13cc to handle the release of their budget titles, but when I visited its official site on April first I thought this game was being announced as a gag – the characters were all rendered in full fujoshi mode. Lo and behold, Ane we Ero-komi Henshuusha (eng. my sister is an eromanga editor) turns out to be an actual game! Albeit with decidedly more bishoujo designs than the April Fool’s version. Wish they still had that up somewhere, it was pretty funny… regardless, we’ll be following what looks to be an amusing if somewhat uninspired take on the otaku-themed eroge. We’ve had games about making doujinshi, games about Akihabara, and now this – what’s next, a moe-moe look at the life and times of eroge creators themselves? (no more)